Easy Salsa Recipe For a Football Game Fiesta Party

Easy Salsa Recipe For a Football Game Fiesta Party

Fall marks the beginning of football season and if you’re like most red-blooded American males, during this time of year you’ll most likely be camped out on your couch in front of the television with a few of your friends to watch you favorite teams play. This, of course, gives you a pretty good excuse to have even more fun by throwing an awesome party. And what better theme to have for your party than a Mexican fiesta where you can impress your friends with your Mexican cooking skills and techniques. At the same time, a Mexican fiesta theme would definitely be a hit with your friends as the party atmosphere is very laid back and stimulating, filled with brilliant colors.

For your Mexican-themed party, you can decide to serve many kinds of Mexican food and since you and your friends will be in front of the television so you don’t miss any of the action and the drama of the game, you need to choose foods that are easy to eat. For example you could serve foods such as tacos, nachos with salsa, burritos and maybe even tamales.

For drinks and dessert, you could definitely serve margaritas and perhaps Mexican wedding cookies. Aside from being finger foods, all of these dishes are very easy to prepare so you won’t have to spend too much time for both the cooking and preparation process.

You can also opt to prepare the foods you’re going to serve way ahead of time. Perhaps you can do this even a few weeks before the party where you’ll then put your creations in the freezer so you can thaw them out just before serving. It’s a good idea to this if you have other things you need to prepare before the big game winbir.

Another great way to have fun at a Mexican fiesta party theme is to have a taco bar. Just lay out all the ingredients that you need (like ground beef, lettuce and jalapenos) to make a taco and watch your friends have fun assembling and eating them. If you want to have your Mexican fiesta party in your backyard, grilling would be the best way to go. You can opt for simple grilled recipes such as corn on the cob drizzled with butter, lime juice and cheese to make it much more delicious to eat.

Large onions called knob onions, which are usually found in Mexican markets, can also be grilled with jalapenos and served with carne asada. This is a traditional dish that your friends would definitely enjoy eating at your party. You can also grill meats like chicken and beef and when partnered with salsa, these would surely be a hit with all your friends.


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