Hoppy Gifts for a Truly Happy Easter

Hoppy Gifts for a Truly Happy Easter

One of a kiddie’s greatest childhood pleasures is the mystical bunny who supposedly leaves baskets filled with Easter chocolate gifts, sweets and toys, wouldn’t you agree? I remember when I was little. Greek Easter 2022 was a magical time… those big foil-wrapped chocolate Easter eggs, decorated in spots and stripes with chocolate buttons inside. Yum, yum!

Many moons ago (I’m ashamed to admit!), my little brother and I had contests to see who could get the most Easter chocolates and eggs. I always won, though, probably because I nicked his. It was a sort of status symbol, I suppose. The more chocolate gifts you got, the better you were. Pretty pointless really, but hey-ho.

Thinking about it, I was a fairly greedy kid. In the middle of the night on Easter Eve, I snuck into the lounge where Mum and Dad had piled mine and my brother’s Easter eggs, and helped myself (or should I say scoffed!) my brother’s very large, bunny-shaped Thornton’s Easter egg. It was delicious at the time. But after my little midnight choccie binge, I felt very, very sick and my stomach felt like I’d eaten a gazillion roasts. Serves me right, really. And yup, the next day, I got my comeuppance. All my Easter chocolates were confiscated and I had to buy my brother another egg using my pocket money. Doh. Just for the record, I never did that again.

Let’s face it. Easter wouldn’t be Easter without this rich, dark, creamy, yummy stuff, would it? But, ladies and gents, if you’re sick of chocolate and the high calorie intake that comes with it, you don’t have to let the chocolate craze eat you up this holiday.

Many online retailers offer chocolate alternatives. For what it’s worth, personalised Easter gifts are splendorious. These are pressies that you can tailor with a name and message – you can get your mitts on totally adorable personalised Easter presents…

One thing that springs to mind is a plush bunny rabbit, sporting a super-cute cream-coloured jumper. But this bob-tailed bubbykins jumps out ahead of ordinary rabbit soft toys. You can have a personal message embroidered onto its fluffy-wuffy jumper in either pink or blue thread! Rest assured, this hoppity bundle of cuteness will last a lot longer than a bar of choccie or egg.

As far as grownups are concerned, you can’t go wrong by presenting them with a bottle of personalised wine, whisky or champagne at Easter. You can even get a bottle of their favourite tipple accompanied by engraved glasses, sumptuous chocolates, a red, velvet rose, or even an original newspaper. All these luxuries are presented in a premium satin-lined gift box complete with a personalised gift card. Ooh la la!

If you are in it for the chocolate gifts, though, instead of egg-based Easter presents, how about treating a loved one to some slabs of milky, sugary goodness by way of personalised Easter chocolates? These days, you can customise the label on a 100g bar of milk chocolate with any name together with a brief ‘Happy Easter’ message.

Other personalised chocolate gifts include a box of delicious truffles, made up of 16 different flavours, including everything from cappuccino to raspberry. Each box of choccies comes complete with a smart gift tag, displaying your chosen name and message.

So there’s my ‘take’ on personalised Easter gifts of the chocolate and non-chocolate variety. So why not hop online where you’re guaranteed to find a whole gamut of hoppy gifts for a truly happy Easter?

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