Lighting Up the Way With Cycle Lights

Lighting Up the Way With Cycle Lights

Riding After Dark with Cycle Lights

Riding at night is very dangerous for cyclists that are unprepared, but with the right knowledge, a good set of cycle lights and some reflective clothing, it doesn’t have to be. Cyclists are much harder to spot in darkness and many accidents between drivers and cyclists occur because the cyclist didn’t have lights. Attaching a front and rear light to your bike will ensure you are safe from all angles so accidents like this do not happen. You’re not only protecting yourself using cycle lights, you’re making the roads a much safer place for everyone.

Be Safe and Be Seen

If your night time routes are well lit you may wonder why you need to use a light on your bike. Street lighting will only increase your visibility so much and what happens when your route comes to a country road, or the street lights aren’t on? No other vehicles and cyclists will be able to see you if you don’t use a light so you’ll be putting yourself at risk of danger, and others too.

It is also a requirement by law that you have lights room decor fitted to your bike when riding after dark. Cycle lights aren’t just there to for others to see you, you’ll want your own vision to be good and a bright beam can help illuminate your route effectively. When you’re out riding, never assume that because you can see cars they can see you. If you have a light on the front and towards the rear of your bike, it is fairly obvious that you are there but always be extra cautious.

Using Cycle Lights for Off Road Riding

If you’re riding in an area where you know there will be no cars, you still need to use lights on your bike. When trail riding you’re likely going to be a fair distance away from any kind of lighting so it is vital that you light up and make sure you charge your lights fully, after all, you’re going to need all the brightness you can get! Cycle lights will brighten up your route to tell you when to break, when to manoeuvre and let you know well in advance if there are any obstacles. For off road riders, it can also be a good idea to have a light on your helmet. This will light up the specific route you are looking at and give you a better all round vision, rather than lighting up where your handlebars are pointing to.

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